Mattress with waist suspension (Bonell) vs Polyether mattresses (PE foam):

1. Mattress with waist suspension (Bonell)


Mattresses with waist suspension feature metal springs just like pocket spring mattresses, but with a mattress with waist suspension, the springs on the top and bottom are connected by a network of coil springs. This often makes you squeal a bit when you lie on it.

The fact that the springs have the same elasticity everywhere and are connected to each other, the mattress usually provides little support and moves strongly after the sleeper turns around.

The feathers are usually covered with a top layer of polyether foam or cold foam. The comfort of the mattress depends to a large extent on the thickness of the top layer in combination with the number of springs per m2 and the hardness of the springs.


  • Good moisture regulation
  • Good heat regulation
  • Very long life
  • Pretty cheap

Lifespan: Long 8 – 12 years


Waist-padded mattresses are sold primarily for durability and price but are among the worst mattresses in terms of comfort and support. Most people who sleep on a mattress with waist suspension will move to a pocket spring mattress or another mattress with better support.

2. Polyether mattresses (PE foam)


Polyether mattresses are the cheapest mattresses. These are one-piece old-fashioned foam mattresses with little resilience, poor ventilation, and poor regulating properties. Polyether foam is also commonly used in the furniture industry.

Polyether mattresses also cool pretty quickly. The weight over time compresses the air bubbles and structure of the mattress, which does not spring back.

Polyether mattresses are often only 12 – 20 cm thick, which contributes even more to the limited support capacity and limited conformity. A 12 cm thick mattress simply offers too little space to adapt well.


  • Cheap

Lifespan: short 3 – 5 years


We can not really recommend a cheap polyether mattress. Conformity, comfort, and ventilation leave something to be desired. However, there are also a few more expensive variants on the market, which are usually slightly better processed and have a top layer, which benefits comfort.If you also want to buy a mattress, you should buy from the online mattress stores.