Mattresses 160×200 cm: Perfect for singles and couples

If a mattress measures 160×200 cm, either a single person with a lot of freedom of movement can dream into the night – or you can make yourself comfortable for two. Often mattresses and beds are ideal in size if the bedroom does not offer much space. But that does not mean that comfort has to suffer: with a good mattress, you can enjoy a high level of comfort and maximum relaxation. What types of mattresses are available, we present in the following sections.

Mattresses 160×200 cm: High-quality materials with an extra guarantee

We attach great importance to high quality and durable products. Therefore, our product range includes only products that were manufactured and subsequently tested for harmful substances. All the mattresses we offer are, of course, free from harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Discover our mattresses 160×200 cm made of visco foam

Viscoelastic mattresses are the optimal choice for people with back problems and a sensitive body. Thanks to the high point elasticity mattress made of visco foam fit perfectly to the lying position while supporting the body so that there are no uncomfortable pressure points. If you suffer from circulatory problems or orthopedic problems, this is well advised. For heavily sweating people and restless sleepers, in turn, other types of mattresses are better.

For whom is a cold foam mattress 160×200 cm suitable?

The open-pored structure of cold foam mattresses offers high sleeping comfort, excellent point elasticity and proves itself for about 10 years with the best quality. Anyone who often changes their sleeping position at night or has to deal with back pain is well advised to use a cold foam mattress. The quick adaptation to the body can be remedied here.

Tip: The advantages of visco-elastic and cold foam mattresses can be used in the form of combi mattresses. The upper visco-foam layer, the thicker it is, provides pressure relief while the lower foam layer processed at the bottom transports moisture well and ensures a good sleeping climate without heat accumulation. The thicker the cold foam layer, the faster the adjustment to the lying position.

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