Mattresses at a glance: For whom is which suitable?

Cold foam mattresses: durable and lightweight

It is these two main characteristics that make them unique: their longevity and low weight. What gives the cold foam mattress its name is the foamed plastic, which forms the core of the mattress.

The cold foam mattress is a popular allergy-resistant mattress. Often polyurethane is used. The process by which the starting material is formed at low temperatures works without CFCs or propellants. The cold foam mattress is moisture permeable and breathable.

This mattress is suitable for: Cold foam mattresses are well suited for allergy sufferers and those who are hypersensitive to odors. Older people and people with back problems prefer this mattress shape as it is easy to turn around. Best sleeping comfort, the cold foam mattress especially troubled sleepers. The mattress adapts quickly, but just as quickly returns to its starting position.

Spring mattresses: classic with steel springs

Hot dip galvanized steel springs, which are surrounded by padding, are the namesake of this mattress type. This construction is also responsible for the fact that these mattresses fall into the category of breathable mattresses.

A distinction is made in other subcategories – depending on the arrangement of steel springs in endless, waist and pocket spring mattresses. Without a special arrangement of the steel springs, the mattress is called “Bonell spring core mattress”. Very typical of the Bonell model is the elasticity of the surface: soft, the mattress feels under light load, harder under heavy load. Spring mattress is not the recommended mattress for lower back pain.

This mattress is suitable for: Who puts on a spring mattress, relies on the classic, which is suitable for every type of sleep.

Visco foam mattresses: Here, the human leaves traces

Visco foam mattresses are foam mattresses. The typical effect of this type of mattress is the memory effect of the material. After getting up, the mattress stays for a moment as the sleeper has slept on it.

The sleeping person literally sinks into a viscous foam mattress. The advantage: The pressure relief, which brings the sleep on a Visco mattress, is correspondingly high. Attention: In order for the viscous foam mattress to be able to perform this adaptability, the bedroom must have a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.