Pressure points: Have a look for the side sleepers!

Are you sleeping on your sides? Do you prefer to ensure proper comfort under your body? Have you checked the firmness level to avoid any painful conditions? Well, it is a fact that side sleeper is likely to face pressure points in the case of sleeping on a firm mattress. What do you think about the pressure points? It refers to the sensitive body parts which are likely to bear great pressure while sleeping on either of the sides.

If you’re a side sleeper, then your body might come into direct interaction with the external force which may result in creating a painful situation. Such external forces come from the mattress on which you’re resting. However, every kind of sleeping posture bears an effect on the pressure points. On the sides, greater pressure forms due to body weight. The common types of pain suffered by the people sleeping on either of their sides are:

Hip pain from an uncomfortable mattress

In the human body, the midsection is generally the heaviest of all parts. With a firm mattress, it creates discomfort for any person to rest upon while sleeping on the sides. If the mattress is not supportive, then the mid body section is likely to squeeze inside the mattress foam. Mostly, pregnant women face a great challenge in such a situation. The best solution is to keep a pillow for a good support level.

Shoulder pain is a great discomfort situation

A hard mattress surface is a major cause of shoulder pain. It blocks the blood circulation around the shoulder area which creates unnecessary pain. If you’re willing to avoid such pain, then pick an option which is warm and highly congenial. Keep a pillow at a little high distance to avoid falling into such a discomfort situation.

Neck pain occurs due to a lopsided spine 

If your spine alignment is not a straight line, then you’re likely to suffer from neck pain after waking up in the morning. The stiffness in your neck won’t let you perform any physical activity easily. With a thick pillow, this situation could be restricted to occur.