Which box spring grade is right for me?

The hardness of the box spring bed is crucial for your sleeping comfort. Are you a back sleeper is a harder suspension in the lumbar and pelvic area more advantageous than in side-sleepers, where this game should sink more to keep the spine straight.

The box spring hardness grades range from H1 (“very soft”) to H4 (“solid”), sometimes up to H5, which makes some manufacturers declare “very firm” mattresses. However, an assignment such as Boxspringbett-grade 4 (often in short notation: box spring H4) or box spring bed grade 3 (box spring H3) is not standardized. Therefore, you should rather judge for which weight classes the degree of hardness is box spring bed-dependent.

It becomes more precise in the determination of the box spring bed degree of hardness if you include your height and on the calculation of the BMI (Body Mass Index) go. To do this, divide your weight by your size squared. If you have a BMI of less than 25, this means a hardness of 2 for a box spring bed, for a BMI of 25 grade 3 and above 30 for a BMI value of Boxspring grade 4.

Pay attention to the quality of Box spring?

Mattresses with pocket springs are one of the most popular mattress types for box spring beds, but higher quality than simple spring mattresses. We make sure that the processing of the box spring bed with pocket spring core is of high quality so that you can enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort for a long time.

Why you should choose pocket spring for your box spring bed

The principle of a box spring bed pocket spring core is that each individual spring is sewn into a fabric bag. The elaborate production, therefore, requires a correspondingly higher price.

Advantages of box spring bed pocket spring core

A special form is for bed types like a box spring bedding pocket spring mattresses. The shape of the individually sewn feathers is similar to the one-ton – hence the name. The advantages of a box spring bed with a pocket spring core are the particularly good moisture transport, the dry sleeping climate, and the temperature compensation.You must read queen tempurpedic mattress before buying a mattress.