Cold foam mattresses: durable and lightweight

It is these two main characteristics that make them unique: their longevity and low weight. What gives the cold foam mattress its name is the foamed plastic, which forms the core of the mattress.

The cold foam mattress is a popular allergy-resistant mattress. Often polyurethane is used. The process by which the starting material is formed at low temperatures works without CFCs or propellants. The cold foam mattress is moisture permeable and breathable.

This mattress is suitable for: Cold foam mattresses are well suited for allergy sufferers and those who are hypersensitive to odors. Older people and people with back problems prefer this mattress shape as it is easy to turn around. Best sleeping comfort, the cold foam mattress especially troubled sleepers. The mattress adapts quickly, but just as quickly returns to its starting position.

Spring mattresses: classic with steel springs

Hot dip galvanized steel springs, which are surrounded by padding, are the namesake of this mattress type. This construction is also responsible for the fact that these mattresses fall into the category of breathable mattresses.

A distinction is made in other subcategories – depending on the arrangement of steel springs in endless, waist and pocket spring mattresses. Without a special arrangement of the steel springs, the mattress is called “Bonell spring core mattress”. Very typical of the Bonell model is the elasticity of the surface: soft, the mattress feels under light load, harder under heavy load. Spring mattress is not the recommended mattress for lower back pain.

This mattress is suitable for: Who puts on a spring mattress, relies on the classic, which is suitable for every type of sleep.

Visco foam mattresses: Here, the human leaves traces

Visco foam mattresses are foam mattresses. The typical effect of this type of mattress is the memory effect of the material. After getting up, the mattress stays for a moment as the sleeper has slept on it.

The sleeping person literally sinks into a viscous foam mattress. The advantage: The pressure relief, which brings the sleep on a Visco mattress, is correspondingly high. Attention: In order for the viscous foam mattress to be able to perform this adaptability, the bedroom must have a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius.

1. Mattress with waist suspension (Bonell)


Mattresses with waist suspension feature metal springs just like pocket spring mattresses, but with a mattress with waist suspension, the springs on the top and bottom are connected by a network of coil springs. This often makes you squeal a bit when you lie on it.

The fact that the springs have the same elasticity everywhere and are connected to each other, the mattress usually provides little support and moves strongly after the sleeper turns around.

The feathers are usually covered with a top layer of polyether foam or cold foam. The comfort of the mattress depends to a large extent on the thickness of the top layer in combination with the number of springs per m2 and the hardness of the springs.


  • Good moisture regulation
  • Good heat regulation
  • Very long life
  • Pretty cheap

Lifespan: Long 8 – 12 years


Waist-padded mattresses are sold primarily for durability and price but are among the worst mattresses in terms of comfort and support. Most people who sleep on a mattress with waist suspension will move to a pocket spring mattress or another mattress with better support.

2. Polyether mattresses (PE foam)


Polyether mattresses are the cheapest mattresses. These are one-piece old-fashioned foam mattresses with little resilience, poor ventilation, and poor regulating properties. Polyether foam is also commonly used in the furniture industry.

Polyether mattresses also cool pretty quickly. The weight over time compresses the air bubbles and structure of the mattress, which does not spring back.

Polyether mattresses are often only 12 – 20 cm thick, which contributes even more to the limited support capacity and limited conformity. A 12 cm thick mattress simply offers too little space to adapt well.


  • Cheap

Lifespan: short 3 – 5 years


We can not really recommend a cheap polyether mattress. Conformity, comfort, and ventilation leave something to be desired. However, there are also a few more expensive variants on the market, which are usually slightly better processed and have a top layer, which benefits comfort.If you also want to buy a mattress, you should buy from the online mattress stores.

The hardness of the box spring bed is crucial for your sleeping comfort. Are you a back sleeper is a harder suspension in the lumbar and pelvic area more advantageous than in side-sleepers, where this game should sink more to keep the spine straight.

The box spring hardness grades range from H1 (“very soft”) to H4 (“solid”), sometimes up to H5, which makes some manufacturers declare “very firm” mattresses. However, an assignment such as Boxspringbett-grade 4 (often in short notation: box spring H4) or box spring bed grade 3 (box spring H3) is not standardized. Therefore, you should rather judge for which weight classes the degree of hardness is box spring bed-dependent.

It becomes more precise in the determination of the box spring bed degree of hardness if you include your height and on the calculation of the BMI (Body Mass Index) go. To do this, divide your weight by your size squared. If you have a BMI of less than 25, this means a hardness of 2 for a box spring bed, for a BMI of 25 grade 3 and above 30 for a BMI value of Boxspring grade 4.

Pay attention to the quality of Box spring?

Mattresses with pocket springs are one of the most popular mattress types for box spring beds, but higher quality than simple spring mattresses. We make sure that the processing of the box spring bed with pocket spring core is of high quality so that you can enjoy a high level of sleeping comfort for a long time.

Why you should choose pocket spring for your box spring bed

The principle of a box spring bed pocket spring core is that each individual spring is sewn into a fabric bag. The elaborate production, therefore, requires a correspondingly higher price.

Advantages of box spring bed pocket spring core

A special form is for bed types like a box spring bedding pocket spring mattresses. The shape of the individually sewn feathers is similar to the one-ton – hence the name. The advantages of a box spring bed with a pocket spring core are the particularly good moisture transport, the dry sleeping climate, and the temperature compensation.You must read queen tempurpedic mattress before buying a mattress.

If a mattress measures 160×200 cm, either a single person with a lot of freedom of movement can dream into the night – or you can make yourself comfortable for two. Often mattresses and beds are ideal in size if the bedroom does not offer much space. But that does not mean that comfort has to suffer: with a good mattress, you can enjoy a high level of comfort and maximum relaxation. What types of mattresses are available, we present in the following sections.

Mattresses 160×200 cm: High-quality materials with an extra guarantee

We attach great importance to high quality and durable products. Therefore, our product range includes only products that were manufactured and subsequently tested for harmful substances. All the mattresses we offer are, of course, free from harmful substances and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Discover our mattresses 160×200 cm made of visco foam

Viscoelastic mattresses are the optimal choice for people with back problems and a sensitive body. Thanks to the high point elasticity mattress made of visco foam fit perfectly to the lying position while supporting the body so that there are no uncomfortable pressure points. If you suffer from circulatory problems or orthopedic problems, this is well advised. For heavily sweating people and restless sleepers, in turn, other types of mattresses are better.

For whom is a cold foam mattress 160×200 cm suitable?

The open-pored structure of cold foam mattresses offers high sleeping comfort, excellent point elasticity and proves itself for about 10 years with the best quality. Anyone who often changes their sleeping position at night or has to deal with back pain is well advised to use a cold foam mattress. The quick adaptation to the body can be remedied here.

Tip: The advantages of visco-elastic and cold foam mattresses can be used in the form of combi mattresses. The upper visco-foam layer, the thicker it is, provides pressure relief while the lower foam layer processed at the bottom transports moisture well and ensures a good sleeping climate without heat accumulation. The thicker the cold foam layer, the faster the adjustment to the lying position.

If you are thinking of buying a mattress then you should buy mattress rankings only.

Good sleep is directly linked to your health. For good health and mind, you will surely need a good sleeping surface so that your body will relax and keep you energized throughout the whole day. So, it is very important for you to invest only in those things which give great benefits to your body and mind. When searching out for the most comfortable and suitable mattress, it becomes a tough job to choose out one from several alternatives. Though, the overweight or heavy people are likely to face huge trouble in finding a mattress which fits best in accordance with their weight requirement. Your weight is one of the most important and main factors to consider when looking for a mattress for heavy personOverweight peoples have to focus on a certain number of prior things when the time comes to choosing a mattress. It is very important to buy the correct mattress because peoples spend around one-third of life sleeping.

Overweight peoples guide to choose what is best for them

The mattress industry is doing a great job with keeping a good understanding of the specific things or considerations which help the heavy people to get a perfect mattress for them. Overweight peoples need larger, thicker and firmer mattress so that they can sleep comfortably. The most common issue comes after buying and using mattress is sagging. This is the most common issue among overweight peoples. Sagging makes the mattress uneven, which leads to uneven sleep. Excess sinking is also the second most common issue, that’s why it is very difficult for obese peoples to get out of bed.

Here are some important things which should be considered before buying the best mattress for heavy people.

Always choose the best quality material. The material is the most important factor when you are shopping for a perfect mattress model which suits best for heavier people. After that thickness, overweight peoples exact more pressure than light ones. Sleeping on a thicker mattress will give correct comfort and uplift. Firmness is the third most and important factor also while choosing a mattress. Medium firm in mattresses provides appropriate support to the neck and helps in reducing back pain also.

Price is also an important factor when it comes to buying a mattress, especially for obese ones. So, don’t go for cheaper options if you really want a good night sleeps. Choose the right quality products on best and affordable discounts.

We always delay the thought of buying a mattress due to the lack of funds. But if you plan your mattress budget accordingly then you can definitely buy a mattress in the cost you want, not in the market cost. Planning is the key to the success of everything then why not the mattress. You should first consider what type of mattress you want and what are your other requirements then plan your budget according to that.

Issues faced by people while buying a mattress

I heard from so many people that they invested very much money in mattresses but still, they are unable to get the perfect mattress for them. When I researched, I figure out most of the people didn’t do any planning before buying a mattress whether its money or quality. Most of the people think that the quality of the mattress dependent upon the cost of the mattress. The costlier the mattress, the more quality I have. But this is not true anymore. You can also get good quality in the low budget. It’s just about the approach and efforts of the person he/she made in the search of the mattress. The way people buying mattress will definitely feel them cheated in the future due to the lack of planning.

How to get the mattress in your budget?

So before buying a mattress, you should first figure out what type of mattress you need like the filling you need, weight of the mattress, size of the mattress, fluffiness of the mattress, etc. After discovering your requirements you need to check which type of mattress is coming in the zone of your list. Shortlist those mattresses. Then go the store to figure out are these mattresses are really good for you or you need to update your list. Satisfaction is very much important, don’t buy a mattress if you are not satisfied. After the search shortlists all the mattresses and then check the mattress with the prices fit your budget and now this is the point where you can actually grab the best budget memory foam mattress.

Are you sleeping on your sides? Do you prefer to ensure proper comfort under your body? Have you checked the firmness level to avoid any painful conditions? Well, it is a fact that side sleeper is likely to face pressure points in the case of sleeping on a firm mattress. What do you think about the pressure points? It refers to the sensitive body parts which are likely to bear great pressure while sleeping on either of the sides.

If you’re a side sleeper, then your body might come into direct interaction with the external force which may result in creating a painful situation. Such external forces come from the mattress on which you’re resting. However, every kind of sleeping posture bears an effect on the pressure points. On the sides, greater pressure forms due to body weight. The common types of pain suffered by the people sleeping on either of their sides are:

Hip pain from an uncomfortable mattress

In the human body, the midsection is generally the heaviest of all parts. With a firm mattress, it creates discomfort for any person to rest upon while sleeping on the sides. If the mattress is not supportive, then the mid body section is likely to squeeze inside the mattress foam. Mostly, pregnant women face a great challenge in such a situation. The best solution is to keep a pillow for a good support level.

Shoulder pain is a great discomfort situation

A hard mattress surface is a major cause of shoulder pain. It blocks the blood circulation around the shoulder area which creates unnecessary pain. If you’re willing to avoid such pain, then pick an option which is warm and highly congenial. Keep a pillow at a little high distance to avoid falling into such a discomfort situation.

Neck pain occurs due to a lopsided spine 

If your spine alignment is not a straight line, then you’re likely to suffer from neck pain after waking up in the morning. The stiffness in your neck won’t let you perform any physical activity easily. With a thick pillow, this situation could be restricted to occur.