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Fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive were delighted with the cool new features introduced by the Arms Deal update back in 2013. One of the coolest additions were new and unique weapon skins. More than 100 new textures and paint jobs were added to add a bit more personality and fun to each one’s arsenal. These skins are purely cosmetic enhancements, yielding no effect in weapon mechanics or functionality. They may, however, impart some strategic influence in specific situations.

How to acquire one of the new CSGO weapon skins?

CSGO weapon skins are randomly dropped (for free) at the end of a game mode played in an online community or official Valve server.
They can also be “uncased.”
Another way is to trade weapon skins in Steam Market or download it here on our website for FREE.

Skin rarity

CSGO weapon skins have distinct value and rarity. The rarer a skin is, the more valuable it is. The rarity hierarchy is organized in the following way:

White – Consumer grade (Common)
Light blue – Industrial grade (Uncommon)
Darker blue – Mil-spec (Rare)
Purple – Restricted (Mythical)
Pinkish purple – Classified (Legendary)
Red – Covert (Ancient)
Gold – Melee Weapons (Exceedingly Rare)
Light Brown – Contraband (Immortal) *Discontinued*

The “Contraband” skins owe their name to the fact that their artwork was stolen from a Deviant Art user. Apparently, “Contraband” items are discontinued.

Exterior quality

There are five types of random weapon wear and tear depicted by the new skin textures, and the player can choose any type when a new skin is uncased, dropped or acquired in a Trade up Contract. The nomenclature of each type is self-explanatory:

1 – Factory New
2 – Minimal Wear
3 – Field-Tested
4 – Well-Worn
5 – Battle-Scarred


Some skin models incorporate a StatTrack device which collects statistics about the weapon used being used. It’s an orange LED, usually attached to the gun, that counts the number of “confirmed kills” by the current owner of the gun. In StatTrack knives, the “confirmed kill” label etched to the blade itself. This information can be seen by holding the “F” key (default). The StatTrack counter was also introduced with the Arms Deal update.

Custom skins

Another cool feature brought by the Arms Deal update is the ability to submit self-made weapon skins. Players can create their own artwork for CSGO weapons skins, submitted it to the Steam Workshop, and the most highly rated skins may have a chance of being included in future updates for Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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